Tomato Cage Ghost Crafts: Halloween Decor for Your Front Porch

Tomato cage ghost crafting is easy and cute. The decorating urge has overtaken me this Halloween season along with the fun and creativity it gives  you when it is completed. I am not a scary decorator, because they have always frightened me, but I love the cutesy whimsical themes.

Tomato Cage Ghost Crafting
tomato cage ghostfunny tomato cage ghost

Pictured above is  “Cousin It”character and a tomato cage ghost.

During my last thrift store finds, I came across a pumpkin smiley head that was electrified, for $1 it was the start of my decorating frenzy.

The image to the left is an example of what my jack-o-lantern ghost tomato cage craft head looks like. It’s from Amazon, our affiliate. Any plastic Jack-O-Lantern head will do. And of course, since you are covering your jack-o-lantern, it doesn’t need to be too realistic looking. You can get them at most stores during the Halloween season, from as early as August in most places, for a variety of prices. Or, if you are like me, you may get lucky in a thrift store.

I used an upside down tomato cages for my bases and incorporated the head in the loose prongs at the bottom of the cage. The prongs are brought together and fastened with twist ties. tape or wire. I cut a wire coat hanger at the hook,  twisted and bent it in half attaching it to the bound top of the form to create arms. Then placed the head on the wire V of the bound prongs. I had left over muslin I had used for another project and simply draped over the enter form, arms and the pumpkin head. Tie a ribbon around the neck and it was done. I placed a weighted planter under the cage to give it stability in the wind. The face lights up and then seen thru the muslin for a cute effect.

Making a Jack O’ Lantern Ghost Tomato Cage Craft

The “thing” form was also made with the tomato cage but the pumpkin head on this one was placed on the last ring of the tomato cage and the prong ends where bent and bond over the head. Muslin was draped over all. I had purchased at the dollar tree, two paper hula skirts and tied them to middle and top of the form. A pair of dark sunglasses and a derby hat complete this one. I also placed this over a weighted planter to give it stability. Last night we had 30+ mile an hour winds and they did remaining standing. I would also recommend that these be kept on a covered porch to protect the hula skirt and muslin. The ghost form could also be made out of a plastic tablecloth and then it would be more water resistant. You could also made strips out of the plastic tablecloth to use for the “thing” instead of the hula skirt and that would be sturdier in the elements.
The most enjoyable part is seeing the kids who come trick or treating and stop to check out the jack-o-lantern ghost tomato cage craft because they love the decor.

Happy Halloween

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