Halloween DIY Tomato Cage Witch and Tomato Cage Ghost

Two halloween DIY tomato cage project ideas that I created are the tomato cage witch and tomato cage ghost. Both of them are lighted so that they can entertain the kids on Halloween while trick or treating.

Halloween DIY Tomato Cage Witch

Last year I was fooling around with some tomato cages to see what I could create.  The first one I just wrapped some lights around it and added a star on top and at night with the multi colored lights on it was very cute.

I had a smaller one that I decided to try making a witches hat to cover my brick post lights at the end of my drive.  I used left over landscape cloth to cover the tomato cage and stapled it closed.  I than added a ruffled striped deco mesh wreath over it and twist tied it together.  The final touch was a pink spider. This looks better in the day light than at night because the top of the light could not be removed to prevent rain from getting in the mechanism, so only the bottom of the witch hat is lite.   Next year I might try wrapping it in black plastic. Because I have two brick light post I thought I would try something else to make for the other side.

Halloween diy tomato cage witches hat
Witches hat day photo
lighted tomato cage witch's hat at night
Witch’s hat night photo

Halloween DIY Tomato Cage Ghost

Last Halloween I made a tomato cage ghost diy project for my covered porch and it was covered in sheeting.  This year I put my tomato cage ghost over my driveway lamp. It took just five simple steps.

  •  First, I covered it in a round plastic tablecloth and duct taped white garbage bags around the cage. This protects the lamp from the rain and mounted it up on the brick posts.
  • Next, I wrapped a wire coat hanger around the top of the tomato cage.
  • Then I draped the plastic tablecloth over the plastic pumpkin head.
  • Next, I tied a bow around it’s neck.
  • Finally, I tied a rope around it’s waist to keep the wind from destroying it.

Now at night the whole ghost lights up totally to his smiling face.

night ghostly photo
Daytime ghost


Make a jack-o-lantern ghost tomato cage craft for Halloween home decor.
Make a jack-o-lantern ghost tomato cage craft for Halloween home decor.

For more ideas on tomato cage usage see my Pinterest Board.

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