Easy Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY Project

Easy Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY Project

This Christmas ornament wreath has been featured on Pinterest. I always admired the look of it, and decided I would give it a try myself.

I did have a few leftover non breakable balls  so I started with a color scheme that would match my decor.

To make this Christmas Ornament Wreath you only need three items:

  1. a 14 inch Straw Wreath Form
  2. about 80 Ornament Balls (See below for online bulk buying options in a variety of colors if you plan to make more than one wreath)
  3. Hot Glue and a Hot Glue Gun

Directions for Making Christmas Ornament Wreath:

You do not need to remove the plastic covering on the straw wreath. You can choose to make a wreath using only one size ornament balls, or make one with variable sizes like the one I made. There are many examples of Ornament Wreaths on Pinterest, if you’d like ideas.

The hardest part is color mixing and spacing of the assorted sized balls.  I wanted to add some smaller fill-in ornaments that I could not find at the dollar store, but Wal-Mart did have just what I wanted in multi shades of my theme.  The completed project including  six tubes of ornaments from the dollar store and the wreath base and smaller ornaments from Wal-Mart, excluding the hot glue sticks I had on hand. This Christmas ornament wreath DIY cost me about $16.00.   Not too bad for the look, and it does not weigh much, so it hangs easily on mirrors.  I am now thinking about trying it on a cone shape to see if I can make something with that.  If it is a success, I will post the finished result.

Finished Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY Project:


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