July 4th Table Decorations with 8 inch Tapered Luminara Candles

My July 4th table decorations are simple and inexpensive. This year we are having a simple cook out for our July 4th celebration. But I decided to elevate the occasion with some decorating fun. If you have dishes that are red or white, you can easily use them for July 4th table decorations. Just add a few other inexpensive decorative elements you already have around the house.

It’s no secret, I love Luminara candles.  I also love baked beans and hotdogs, which is on the menu for today. The temperature is in the 90’s here today in Henry County, Tennessee. The humidity is way up there also. While you can use regular tapered candles for your July 4th table decorations, I think when the heat gets this high it’s best to stick with a battery powered tapered candle instead like the Luminara.

July 4th Table Decorations: Re-purpose What You Have

July 4th Table Decorations: Candles and Bandanas
July 4th Dinner for two

The trick is to think outside the box and to incorporate items you have in your color palette that can be easily re-purposed.

I thought a little candle light, and a few patriotic bandanas seem appropriate for July 4th table decorations.  To do this, I am using my 8 inch tapered Luminara candles and my bandana print scarves.  It’s a simple and inexpensive way to decorate my little dinner for two table without spending money on expensive place mats or a table runner that I’ll only use a couple times a year.

I have an insatiable love of these Luminara candles, because they look realistic and they are quality made and did I say they also have timers.  A hot summer day on the porch is a perfect time and place to use them, because a wax candle would soften and melt in a very messy way in this heat before the Ambrosia salad is served.  Unfortunately photos do not do the realism of the candle flicker justice, but they are remarkably realistic.

The Luminara candles also come in different sizes and shapes. Like the ones I am using today, the tapers are perfect, not just for July 4th table decorations but for every other holiday occasion.  At Christmas I have used them for window candles and the safety factor is not an issue. The fact that they have timers that go on and off automatically is fabulous, you just set them once and watch them go on and off.  For roving cats and swishing dog tails, these can be knocked over and there are no burned tails, or noses, or the messy clean-up of melted wax spilled on carpets and tables.

I hope you all have a safe 4th of July and happy fun celebrations.

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