Luminara Flameless Candles: My Home Decor Ideas

Have you tried flameless candles yet? Recently, I have been changing over from soy base candles to battery operated Luminara flameless candles. These are amazing in their realistic flame effect. I no longer have to worry about smoke damage or candles that leak wax all over or actually flare up. This is because the Luminara candles are flameless.

Luminara flameless candle home decor ideas: a fall lantern decoration.
My Luminara flameless candle lantern fall decor.

These also have a timer mechanism that goes on for four to five hours and off everyday automatically.

The downfall is that flameless candles do not smell as nice as the better scented candles that I really love.  Although new Luminara candles do come scented. I love scented candles, especially during the holidays. I like the candles with the tree scents and bakery good smells. I don’t bake anymore like I used to and I loved the scented candles that made my house smell like I still do.

Use Flickering Flameless Candles

As the days get darker earlier, it is cozy to see the glow of my flickering flameless candles.

The only brand I will buy is the Luminara flameless candle shining in the assorted rooms of my house. I get the ambiance without the additional worry of having to watch them or blow them all out at the end of the evening. Luminara Candles feature an internal LED source that shines through a prism and up to the flame tip. The flame then flickers, creating dance like motion that is stunning and realistic. Requires 2 “D” batteries not included.

I guess I will have to start baking again and get a live evergreen wreath to acquire the smells that I like so much. Then if you are like my son-in-law who hates the smell of burning candles these are just the perfect replacement. Flameless candles first came out a few years ago. Since that time there have been a wide variety of candle designs, sizes, and styles. You can get pillar candles, candle lanterns, tapered candles, tea lights, and even votives in a flameless candle.

Now my only problem is buying all those batteries to keep me in my glow! Maybe I will have to look into buying batteries in stock online like Duracell 12 packs. Well friends, sit back, feet up, get a good book, warm drink and big fluffy throw and enjoy the best season of all, Fall.

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