Spring has Sprung

downed trees twig bowbird nestThis has been a very mild winter for our region of the south and we totally are thankful for that.  Now with daylight saving time and spring having arrived we are feeling the changes.  We have experienced some powerful storms and wind damage has been the biggest problem for our neighborhood.  We personally have lost three trees that were completely uprooted, and tons of broken branches are strewn all over the yard.  The other spring arrival has been the rain, that has been more than generous up until now.  I have been trying to cleanup my perennials, dividing of hosta’s and day lilies, and finding them new spots in the yard.  We lost a mugo pine bush that I replaced with a small “lemon thread false cypress” which is slow-growing and will add some yellow to the front landscape.  I have three large red knockout rose bushes in the same area so hopefully all will go well together and the Japanese beetles won’t kill everything.

The birds are also nesting all over the property, jays, mockingbirds, blue birds, and finch.  I have a twig bow decoration on my front door that has a little bird nest and tiny eggs inside.  The finch must have liked that idea and have also made a perfect little nest in the bow. Unfortunately the last wind storm blew it off the door and the birds have not returned.

We already have some lettuce, kale, spinach, and pole beans coming up in the garden.  The tomato and peppers are on order and we are planning on strawberries this year.  The blackberry bushes need to be moved to a sunnier location and then it should be time to sit on the porch with a cool drink in my hand and enjoy.

Hope you have a happy spring!

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