My Christmas House Tour 2016

20161222_101539_resizedWelcome and please enjoy my Christmas Home Tour. Another year is speeding by, and the holidays are here once again. I must admit that this is my favorite holiday of the year, but also the one which requires the most work to accomplish. I definitely have cut down on a lot of the old traditions that we use to do each year.
christmas house tour

My Southern Christmas House Tour 2016


My tree is my favorite decorating statement.  It fills the house with light and warmth that lets you feel the peace that only Christmas can bring.

We assemble it after Thanksgiving and leave it up until New Year’s Day. The tree is always my first job. It is 7 1/2 feet tall and lightly flocked.  My main color it dark red and beige.  Some of the ornaments are very old and some are resent purchases.  The lighted boxes at the base of the tree help fill in the empty spaces.

My second favorite decorated room is my dining room.  It is the first room you enter.  My oak dining set was a real find for me, we had just purchased the house and I had this formal dining room to fill. The local thrift store near my home always had great things so I started my search there.  As I walked into the show room there it was, table and six chairs but no china cabinet, plus the price was great, I knew this was the one I wanted.  My dishes are a mixture of two sets that I like to use for the holidays.  Dishes are my downfall. If I could store more I would have as many as I had room for.  This is my more simple and casual look.


20161219_081206_resized20161219_080836_resizedChristmas House Tour Dining Room Decor

The china cabinet was another thrift store find in another state and matched the table and chairs to perfection.

On the top of the cabinet I like to keep a repeating theme and trees of different style have an appeal for me.

I have accumulated these trees over the years, some are homemade others are bought or I got as gifts.

This year we painting the walls a new color and I was surprised at how much that changed the look and feel of the room.

The room walls had been a deep red, and  the drapes  were not noticeable  in the least. So I choose the pecan color in the drapes to use for the wall color.

This room now has a larger and brighter feel to it even with the darker drapery that now stands out against the lighter walls.

My candles and lights in this room are all on timers so at 5 o’clock it starts to glow with candle light.

My chandelier has a simple garland of bay leaves and holly and few vintage ornaments hung for color.

The bakers rack holds some favorite old and new pieces that adds to my eclectic style.  

Christmas House Tour: Living Room


Christmas House Tour 2016 Living Room ideas

This is another piece I found in a thrift store that I cherish.  It fit the size of the wall like it was made to go there. This piece also matches the china cabinet in the dining room.  I also like to frame old Christmas cards that I have received that are especially pretty or have significant sentimental meaning.  The centerpiece is just a willow basket with some winter greens lightly flocked to carry on the flocked theme in this room.  Candlesticks are another thrift store find with flameless candles on timers.  Below is my favorite Christmas gift from my daughter, my Willow Nativity.



I hope you enjoyed this visit, as much as I enjoyed decorating it, we all really do it for our family and friends to share the special meaning of Christmas and the birth of the baby Jesus.

Those are my humble Christmas tour photos, I hope everyone reading this has a blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.


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