Southern Living with Chris: Meet our New Pup, Riley


Welcome to Southern Living with Chris. I’m a retiree from up north who recently relocated to Henry County, Tennessee in 2010. My Southern Living with Chris website offers a glimpse into my life in retirement. I’m a retired medical records coder and spent many years working in the health care industry. I’m also an avid crafter for many years. Since retirement I’ve become very interested in thrift store shopping and DIY projects that can be made with materials found at the dollar store. You’ll find articles about my favorite craft projects, reviews, thrift store tips and finds, and sometimes just fun little musings along the way. If you are newly retired, a crafter, into thrift store shopping, or a northerner who’s recently moved to the south, consider following Southern Living with Chris. I’d love to hear from you!

I recently adopted a puppy. Meet my 9 month old schnauzer, Riley. She’s an energetic puppy but also makes a wonderful lap dog. She’s also becoming a fairly regular topic on Southern Living with Chris, too.

Somewhere in Riley’s short life she has acquired a tremendous hate of the vacuum cleaner, upright or canister, she takes no prisoners.  I have never had a dog in my life with such a determination to destroy a vacuum.  If you just open the door to the closet where it is kept, causes the alarm to go up and the barking and attacking starts.  We are working on solutions to have a treaty made between the vacuum and the warrior.  So far it is not working well, but we will keep on it and report back later any improvements.

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