Ribbon mesh wrapped wreath project is Easy Project for Beginners

Ribbon mesh wrapped wreath projects are an easy and fast DIY craft for beginners. This DIY ribbon mesh wrapped wreath project took only 15 minutes to make. I started this ribbon mesh wreath purchasing a pre-lit pine wreath that also had a timer and is battery operated, so there will be no hanging cords to operate it.  

Next I found the ribbon mesh wrap at the local big box store.  This wreath only took 1 roll of mesh wrap and 1 roll of 2inch wired ribbon.  Also you will need some decorations of your choice to place around the area, I used smaller sized red ornaments I found at the dollar store. You will need a package of pipe cleaners/chenille stems which I also purchased at the dollar store.

My DIY Ribbon Mesh Wrapped Wreath Project.
My DIY Ribbon Mesh Wrapped Wreath Project.

To begin your ribbon mesh wrap wreath I scrunched the end of the Ribbon mesh wrap and twisted the pipe cleaners around to the back to attach it securely. You can now attach 5 or 6 addition pipe cleaner at equally divided sections.  Now you decide how puffy you would like your mesh wrap to look.If you have 4 inches between pipe cleaners, I double that length(8 inches) for the Ribbon mesh wrap to give a full effect. Do not cut into 8 inch sections, just scrunch, attach, and move on to the next section. If you want less of puff, decrease the length until you are happy with the puffiness. I now attach the Ribbon mesh wrap with the pipe cleaner from below the wreath and twist leaving it visible so you can later attach the wired ribbon and ornaments  . The wired ribbon is layed over the Ribbon mesh wrap and attached the same way.  If you feel that you want to glue your ornaments/decorations on instead of attaching with the pipe cleaner, that will work also.  Just be aware if you use the hot glue do not hang wreath were it will be in the sun. The glue may melt and ornaments may fall off.  Tacky glue and some of the contact cements,gorilla glues, work as well. To finish cut the final section of mesh wrap after you scrunched and twist tied off. I tied a separate bow of the wired ribbon and attached it to the finished wreath with the pipe cleaner.  Add the decorations of choice.  The pine wreath base had a hanger attached, If yours does not just another pipe cleaner on or a loop of ribbon.

I try to get extra ribbon mesh wrap and wired ribbon when I purchase it for 2 reasons.

1- I don’t want to run out while I am working

2- I have gone back to get more ribbon and it has been sold out.  I have learned to buy more and return it if I didn’t need it after all.

Good luck!

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