Porch Makeover DIY Project: Inexpensive and Easy Updates

easy porch makeover with Rustoleum metallic paint
My easy porch makeover on my southern style back porch.

Porch makeover DIY project is a success! This project was very cost effective. In under $100 I created a porch makeover that offers a fresh look, and it took very little time.

Since moving to this house in Henry County, Tennessee, I  have really wanted to enclose my covered porch to create a four season room. But the cost of the process is more than we can handle at this time.

Tired of looking at my old, outdated, and mismatched outdoor furniture, I decided to do an easy porch makeover that wouldn’t cost a lot of money.

My Easy Porch Makeover Tips

First of all, the best way to begin is with a good power washing. If you don’t have a power washer, it’s a great investment. We use it to clean our outdoor furniture as well as our vinyl siding. I already have a wicker loveseat and chairs, and they are not in bad shape. I quickly power washed them to reuse them in my porch makeover plan. I also power washed the outdoor dining set as well to prepare it for paint.

At the start of my porch makeover, my biggest eyesore was my 15 year old patio dining set. It is too comfortable to get rid of, but it was worn and a dull beige color.  My newer wicker outdoor loveseat and chair set is an oil rubbed bronze color. I love the dark, rich color, so I decided to get a few cans of Rustoleum that would match to coordinate the design.

The home that we live in is sort of colonial /cape cod/farmhouse style. It is white with dark charcoal shutters. I decided to use red as my accent color in cushions and flowers for my porch makeover.

I power washed my old outdoor chair set, let them dry completely. Then I spray painted them with Rustoleum metallic paint in the oil rubbed bronze color. Luckily the paint was on sale so it helped to keep the cost down.  I did have to buy 9 cans of spray paint to complete the job.

Porch makeover with rustoleum paint makes old chairs look brand new.
Before and after porch makeover using Rustoleum paint for professional look.

I was very happy with the way they turned out, my only problem was that the weather was not helping. When I started to paint it was dead calm, and half way through the job the wind kicked up to gale force and I had to quite for the next three days.  Remember to check the weather forecast before you start the job. It will make it much easier.  My problem is I get all charged up about a project and can’t wait to get into it and see how it will all look when I am done.  I am trying to have more patience in my old age but its hard for this old dog to learn a new trick.

I already have materials for my next porch project. After thrift store shopping this past weekend, I was able to purchase a small wooden cabinet. I plan to remodel it and turn it into a potting table. I will keep it along the north wall of my covered porch and  use it to keep my fertilizers, pots, and hand tools neatly stored away.

For me the thrill is in updating and designing DIY projects that look great and are inexpensive.