On a Kindle Fire Seniors will Feel Right at Home Reading Books

On a Kindle Fire Seniors will Feel Right at Home Reading BooksKindle Fire: seniors will love reading again. I know I do. I have always enjoyed reading for pleasure and the used bookstore was one of my weekly stops to refill my new reading adventures passion.  Before I retired I was reading medical records for 8 hours a day, so I had slowed down a bit on my free-time reading.

Now that I am retired and time is all I have, I am back to reading in a big way.  The only thing that has changed is I no longer read the actual physical book since my daughter gifted me with a Kindle Fire.  I am aware that a lot of people still love the actual books, but I got tired of my hands cramping with some of the hardcover books or the really fat paperbacks.  Here are some of the reasons I love my Kindle, and why I believe Kindle Fire for seniors is a better alternative than using books.

On a Kindle Fire Seniors will Enjoy Several Features:

  1. On a Kindle Fire seniors can adjust the font size and type of the print to a comfortable reading experience.  I could almost read without glasses if I adjust it to a larger font.
  2. On a Kindle Fire seniors will enjoy the backlit display that can be changed to your preferences. The Kindle Fire has sepia tone, black background with white letters or white background with black letters.
  3. On a Kindle Fire seniors can enjoy ease of handling, I can prop it on my lap and be hands free, except for swiping it to change the page.
  4. I can get all my books free from my local online library in my town. They have thousands of books in every imaginable genre that can be downloaded to my Kindle Fire.  I use the “Overdrive” online library site that is managed with my local library card. I also use “Bookbud” which has low-cost and free books.  If a book is not available on Overdrive you can go on a wait list and your library will email you when it is in.
  5. Amazon also has books online that Kindle Fire owners can purchase. The options are great, and you can read reviews from readers on book you may be interested in. If your are an Amazon Prime member, you will also be allowed to get one free book per month in their Kindle lending library right on the device.
  6. On a Kindle Fire seniors will also enjoy the history feature. With this feature the Kindle keeps track of the books and author you have read.  Which helps if you keep accidentally choosing a book you have read in the past, which I have done a few times, especially if it is my favorite author.
  7. Books are only one feature seniors can enjoy on a Kindle Fire. I can play games on the Kindle, go on Facebook, see ideas on Pinterest, shop online, read newspapers and magazines. You can even listen to music and watch videos, visit the web, check and send emails.  It is truly a very handy item.
  8. The size and weight are also a plus, I can slip it into most average size purses and carry it around without shoulder and arm pain.  It is nice to use  while waiting for doctor appointments , oil changes, or any other situation you my run into. It holds a charge for quite a long time.
  9. Another feature I love about the Kindle Fire is it’s ability to save pictures. I have several of my favorite pictures of my grandchildren on the Kindle. If I have it in my purse I can share them with my friends.
  10. On a Kindle Fire seniors can enjoy easy online shopping through Amazon Prime, if they are members. Amazon Prime is set up on my device and through it I am able to order all kinds of things with just a few clicks. The best part is free shipping and delivery in 2 days. I love the ability to use shopping lists on Amazon and to save them to purchase later if I desire. Amazon will even notify me if the items have a future price change.

Kindle Fire: an Improved Retirement Reading Experience

The Kindle Fire is easy to learn how to use. I have had this Kindle for the past 5 years and although I am not very computer savvy, I have been able to operate this without any frustrating problems, and it has become my favorite tool for reading.

Residents of Henry County Tennessee

To check out free ebooks for your Kindle, iPad, or Nook visit Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. Regional Ebook and Audiobook Download System. You must have a library card to check out free ebooks. You can also visit their Facebook Page: Tennessee Reads.