Helping Hand Paris Tennessee: Raising Money for Poor

bird houseHelping Hand Paris Tennessee is a wonderful organization for volunteers as well as those in need. Since moving from the north to the south, there has been a some adjustments and differences to overcome, but the move has been a blessing. Retirement in the south, especially in Western Tennessee, has been the best thing we have done for ourselves.  We have met great neighbors and have a much greater social life than we have ever had before.

Tennessee is known as the volunteer state and the neighbors and friends have introduced me to many worthwhile organizations that need hands on help from volunteers willing to put in the time and energy.  The one I have worked at the longest in past three years is the Helping Hand’s Organization.

Helping Hand Paris TN, a Non-Profit for Those in Need

This is a  wide regional interaction in getting churches , neighborhoods, clubs, businesses, banks and individuals to contribute baked goods, crafts, dinners, and donations to be auctioned off .  The proceeds are divided in the county for needy families and aid for those in financial difficulties.  This is not a one day event. The donating and auctioning is done six days a week for the months of January and February. The auction is done through the local radio station and bidding is fast and furious.  Thousands of dollars are made everyday, because of the generosity of people who care about each other.  No middle man or administrated costs, just people who give what they can and help those who cannot help themselves.  I am proud to be a part of this.

Past Auction Items at our Local Helping Hand Paris TN

These are examples of items often up for bidding at the Helping Hand events in our Paris Tennessee area. If you are in the area, come join us, or visit Helping Hand on Facebook.


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