About Me: Retirement in Henry County Tennessee

About Me: Paris in Henry County Tennessee

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Retirement in Henry County

I’m a former medical records technician from the north who settled down for retirement in Henry County Tennessee in 2010. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, I’m now enjoying life to the fullest in our sprawling ranch house on two acres of land.  We chose Tennessee for our retirement because of the mild winters, change of seasons, beauty of the landscape and the welcoming residents of this area.

The change of lifestyle from the city to the country has taken a little getting used to on our part. Not having any famous restaurants and named shops at your convenience has been something of a learning curve,” PF Chang, I miss you”.

Driving 50 miles to go to the nearest mall or your favorite craft store or restaurant is the norm.  There is beauty and history in the Henry County area that cannot be denied.  The Courthouse square is so quaint, and of another time. I love just going from store to store to see the great or not so great architecture of the buildings.  In the center of all the shops and banks sits the grand courthouse,  it reminds me of the movie  “Back to the Future”. This is a magnificent building and historical in every way.  From the creaking floors to the massive woodwork and huge doors, it is impressive.  At Christmas it is like a Norman Rockwell painting.

downtownI have been married to the same guy since 1967, have two grown children and four grand children.  Leaving them behind was the hardest part of moving.  Even with SKYPE and the internet you can keep in touch and see them growing, but you can’t hug the computer.  They seem to have a great time when they visit here and we look forward to those times.

I hope you will enjoy hearing how we navigate our retirement in Henry County, a new location and all the things we come to love and dislike.

These are my grand kids on my back porch.

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